Philippians 3
I Have Decided...

Philippians 3


  • Look out for the dogs…Paul is referring to the Judaizers.
      • Judaizers were Jewish Christians who believed Jews had to follow the Mosaic Law and that Gentiles must be circumcised in order to be saved in obedience to Jewish Law.
  • Paul is saying look out for anyone that is not in line with the teaching of Jesus. 


  • Paul was circumcised on the 8th day at was OT law.
  • He was an ethnic Israelite and knew from what tribe he came…the tribe of Benjamin.
  • Hebrew of Hebrews likely meant that he was of a long line of ancient Jewish ancestors.
      • He possibly even spoke Aramaic.
  • He was of the strictest religious sect…the Pharisees.
  • And his zeal was that he was a persecutor of the church.
  • According to Jewish law Paul would have been considered blameless. 
  • Of course we all know that no one is blameless. 


  • what formerly went into the gain column—his power, prestige, and “obedience”—now goes into the loss column.
  • Paul counts all he was before, everything he though he gained, as “rubbish”.
      • Rubbish in Hebrew means garbage, waste, dung…it literally means poop. 
      • Remember that Paul said to watch out for the dogs (meaning the Judaizers)


  • Paul knows he is not perfect. He is a sinner. He can’t do anything righteous on his own.
    • Paul also knows that we must continue forward. 
    • Paul knows there is more importance on Jesus than anything else. 
    • Paul has decided and is inviting those around him to make a decision also. 


  • Join me in imitating me…because I’m doing my best to imitate Jesus.
    • walk with me…because I’m going my best to walk with Jesus.
    • see my example…because my example is Jesus.
    • let me be an encouragement to you so that you will become an encouragement for others. 
    • It’s called discipling.
  • Not everyone will listen and I can’t let that stop me. 
    • It breaks my heart for those who won’t turn to Jesus. 
        • Their destruction is their end…it’s an eternity in Hell. 
  • Remember, we must focus on what lies ahead and our citizenship is in Heaven.
    • Believers in Jesus Christ wait on our Savior for our eternity is secure with Him in Heaven. 



I Have Decided…

  • It’s not enough to just show up on Sunday.
  • It’s not enough to just check a box for my Christianity.
  • It’s not enough to just claim to be a follower of Jesus.
  • It’s not enough to just give Jesus half my heart and life.


I Have Decided…

  • To give my life to Jesus
  • To say yes to Jesus
  • To Follow Jesus


No one will stop me…This is a New Year…a New Beginning…and a New Me because I have been made New in Christ Jesus.