We believe God has commissioned us to lead all people to become fully devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our History

The Bethlehem Baptist Church was founded in 1818 when a group of Christians felt led to establish a fellowship of believers and a place for the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The first church building was constructed as a log building made from poplar logs and located on the Little Mount Pike.

In 1845 the second church was built on Old Briar Ridge Road under the pastoral guidance of “Old Brother” Johnnie Fishback who took a leading part in planning and building the church. This building was about 60 feet long and 30 feet wide with two doors in the front and two in the rear of the room. Men entered through the left door and women through the one on the right, and they sat on opposite sides of the building.

In those days church services were held once a month on Saturday morning with a business meeting afterward. Most attendees either walked or rode horseback to church. But, still an emphasis was placed on member participation. If one was absent from three consecutive services, a committee was appointed to visit him and ascertain the cause of his absence. If he had no intentions to return to regular church fellowship, church discipline was enacted and his name was dropped from the role.

During the Civil War a band of guerrillas briefly took possession of this building for a day and, after a few drinks, amused themselves by using their pistols to shoot through the pews and pulpit.

About 1881 the third church building was constructed as a frame building. Sunday School rooms were added in 1938 and the church remained in use until it burned on January 16, 1940.

In 1941 the fourth church building was re-constructed at the old church site still next to the Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery. Later renovations included a new stone exterior and “modern” facilities for the inside of the building. When the Corps of Engineers decided to create Taylorsville Lake, many families and homes had to move from the area. This also affected the church.

Construction of a new church on Highway 248 was begun in December of 1983. The fifth building was finished in July of 1984, and the church relocated. The “old church” near the cemetery was transported to this new site and put into use as the current church fellowship hall.

Though the buildings have changed through the years, Bethlehem Baptist Church continues on led by Christian men and women who still seek a place for the worship and service of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We carry on with our God-given mission to lead all people to be fully devoted followers ofthe Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spiritand for the glory of God the Father.