Experience a Live Easter Story that ends in the Resurrection of Jesus. This event is for all ages and tells the story of Jesus after being arrested and ends with Jesus Rising from the tomb. The story incorporates lights, sounds, and fog/smoke for a more dramatic effect.

Kids will also interact during the story with Pastor Greg Knapper as he explains what's happened to Jesus, and how this act of Love and Sacrifice affects all of us. Children will witness an experiement to help further their understanding and are encouraged to sit close and witness all the events as the story unfolds. 

After the Live Event children of all ages will be sent out for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt where there are approximately two thousand eggs to find. Once the eggs are found families can come into our Fellowship Hall where we will be serving a light lunch and beverage. 

There will also be prizes and giveaways. 

It's a great day full of Inspiration, Hope, and Love that we'd love to share with your family. So come join us and learn all about what Jesus has done for you.